Monday, July 25, 2005

PETSCANs and Pet scans

Here's some news from Steve.

Tanya had another PET scan and we’re very, very, happy that it didn’t show anything new, showed that the radiation is working, and the treated area looks better now than on the previous scan. Tanya also had a chest x-ray that showed fluid in her lungs in the same area tapped last time, but the doc wants to see what a few more weeks of chemo do to the affected area before they schedule another procedure to drain the fluid. Send powerful vibes-- we hope the fluid will dissipate without hospitalization. So for now, Tanya will have chest x-rays every two weeks to confirm the liquid doesn’t increase and that the chemo is working. The chemo appears to have halted tumor growth, but we want it to shrink them as well. We’ll monitor and doc will make changes as needed.

The great puny puppy search has ended, and we have a whiner... a winner too, but being a little baby pooch, she whines pretty frequently. We had a favorite visitor from Lexington, Kentucky last week. Linda was Tanya’s roommate in Florida and, not surprisingly, was the perfect guest for 4 days. While she and Tanya were out for breakfast on Sunday, they decided to go take a gander at some puppies and in the afternoon, Tanya, Linda, and Gigi landed on the doorstep. Gigi is an Alpha female, and packs 20 ounces of furry fury to impose her will on us. It’s either the weight that forces us or the incredibly cute toy-like face that causes us to do almost anything she wants. Tanya says the puppy is a little Girlie-Girl, so we call her Gigi for short. Naturally, since she’s a Chihuahua, everyone thinks we’re saying Chi-Chi. So, practice with me, “no, her name is GEE-GEE.” Ok, now we can look at the little baby.