Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Headache news not good

Tanya has been having bad headaches and Monday had an MRI to look for a cause. Yesterday she found out that she has a golf-ball-sized tumor in her brain.

The cancer is not curable, but it is treatable. Since the tumor in her lung responded to radiation, the doctors expect that radiation will shrink the tumor in her brain. Her whole brain will be radiated because there are multiple visible lesions as well as the likelihood of other spots that are not visible yet, and the doctors want to make certain to hit all areas. Targeted radiation or surgery may be an option later.

Tanya’s mom and sister came to visit our house last night for a nice evening. And Tanya, Steve, Bev, and Randy will all be going to the ACS Climb to Conquer Cancer in Flagstaff this weekend to keep fighting the fight! (Wouldn't miss it!)

Tanya is still very excited about her new position as Grassroots Manager at the ACS and had a really good conversation with her boss today about working around her treatment schedule and such. Tanya will be going to Washington in early September for advocacy training and the National Lobby Day, and her dad will be visiting later that month for a week. There is still much to be positive about, so Steve and Tanya are taking this day-by-day, and these days are good.

When we have updates, we’ll pass them on here at the blog.

Thanks again for all your kind comments and support.