Monday, April 18, 2005

Treatment Continues

Tanya went to the doctor on Thursday. The pathology results are pretty vague—the cancer type determination (lung cancer or breast cancer) is far from black and white—but her doctor has planned a course of treatment based on the cancer being breast cancer. The second opinion from the University of Arizona is not done yet. The treatment plan won’t likely change after those results are in; probably only the drugs used might change.

Tanya will have her last radiation treatment on March 25th, and will begin chemotherapy about three weeks later. She’ll lose her hair again, but this time the goal is to find a balance between what works on the cancer and is not debilitating for Tanya. So this chemotherapy shouldn’t be as hard on her as her previous chemotherapy treatments.

Right now, Tanya is coughing less, still feels good, still has a great attitude, and plans to continue working at the American Cancer Society. Thanks to all of you who have been providing support!
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