Friday, May 27, 2005

Orangeade, Smorengeade, Wherefore Art Thou, Orangeade?

27th May 2005

Tanya and I had a big breakfast in preparation for her noon chemotherapy appointment. She was in the lazy-boy type chair by 12:30 and hooked up to the IV drips in no time.

T had a craving for orangeade of all things when she got settled in, so I headed out on a citrus-flavored scavenger hunt. While Tanya was in the hospital last week, I brought her orangeade from the vending machine, and fortunately (I thought), the hospital was literally around the corner from where she was getting chemo, so I headed right over there to the orangeade supply. No orangeade. Off to the Texaco convenience store--no orangeade. Fry’s--nope. Safeway? No orangeade! It was looking bleak, so I went back to the hospital and bought the Peach/Papaya drink that was in Orangeade’s rightful place in the vending machine.

Tanya pretended to enjoy the peach/papaya drink, but, you know papaya smells kinda funny and I could tell she was faking! Next time I’ll try to be prepared.

Tanya is doing well tonight--watching The Late Late Show, and laughing. We’re off to have crepes in the morning.

29th May 2005

It’s Sunday, and thank goodness this weekend isn’t a replay of last weekend. Tanya is sleepy, but not in pain. She feels pretty durned good--especially compared to last week. We’ll have a little barbecuey-type thing on Monday.

Tanya says (in a sleepy voice) Thank you, everyone, for all well-wishes, and support.

Thanks also for reading through my nonsense to find out about Tanya, and we hope you have/had a safe, happy Memorial Day weekend! - Steve
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