Tuesday, March 01, 2005


In 2002, after finding a lump, Tanya went to her doctor, and test results showed that she had breast cancer. She found out on July 3rd. Shortly after that, Tanya had her first surgery, and she began her chemotherapy treatments on 9/11/2002. In 2003 she began radiation treatments, and in June, 2003, she had her final surgery. The whole process was really hard on her, but she kept a great attitude throughout, and her family, especially her husband, Steve, was by her side, supporting her.

Tanya had some great doctors; great friends, like Caroline and Valli, who helped her through the breast cancer treatment experience; and great support, even from complete strangers, including a support group at Arrowhead and a breast cancer survivor who came to our house to help Tanya. (Steve is my brother, and Steve and Tanya are my housemates.) Tanya also attended the Look Good, Feel Better seminar, put on by the American Cancer Society.

Tanya became a volunteer for the American Cancer Society while finishing up her degree at ASU West. Tanya organized the campus's first Relay for Life, which was in March 2004 and was a great success. Tanya was hired by the ACS and loves her job--helping in the fight to find a cure for cancer. Steve is continuing his studies at ASU West, volunteering for the ACS, and is helping Tanya organize the March 11, 2005 Relay for Life.
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