Friday, March 04, 2005

Tanya says to not be sad!

Tanya is in good spirits and is saying that there's plenty of time to feel bad later, so don't be sad.

The remainder of the test results won't be available till next week. Then the doctors might know what type of cancer it is, but they may never know. There are a lot of unknowns. Different doctors have different opinions about what they're seeing in the scans, so Tanya will be having another to see if anything can be clarified.

It's not uncommon for breast cancer to metastasize to a lung and look a lot like lung cancer. Or it could be lung cancer. And the doctors haven't completely ruled out that one spot is from the pneumonia. Tanya said that the doctors would only use surgery to remove a tumor if they think they can remove it completely. Otherwise they would not use surgery. (Surgery is not an option for these tumors.)

I think Steve said that it would take a couple weeks of radiation before Tanya would be able to notice a difference in her coughing and breathing. And I think he said that chemotherapy might be for two months. However, Tanya can't have regular radiation because the same area was radiated for her breast cancer treatment. Fortunately, her doctor for radiation is one of the very few who uses the new, targeted radiation, so we'll have to see what he says after she goes to visit him.

Tanya said that she knows that this may be an ongoing occurrence for her, and she's met people who have been through it many times. She's not sad, and Steve's okay. She said that being unhappy won't help anything, so don't be sad!
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